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Introducing Gazelle Flex

An affordable way to experience the latest certified preowned iPhone® models

Mobile RegularLow monthly payment, Rentals starting at $19.99/month

Calendar RegularAfter your first 6 months with Gazelle Flex, you may be eligible for an upgrade.

Circular Dollar Regular12-month rental term, that automatically rolls over to month-month term

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How it works


Choose your phone

All phones are guaranteed to be unlocked so you can activate on your preferred carrier.


Get your phone

Do your happy dance - you just scored some cool tech with affordable monthly payments.


Upgrade easily

You may be eligible for your first upgrade after 6 months. You may then be able to upgrade annually or simply return the phone if you’re done.

The details

Initial 12-month rental agreement that rolls over to month-to-month agreement.
You may be eligible for upgrade after the first 6 months.
Certified unlocked iPhone with 30-point inspection process.
Charging cable included.
$49.99 initiation fee, fully refundable within 30 days.

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